Code editor

Code Editor

The Code editor is one of Y42's synced platform interface modes. It provides a familiar developer experience through an enhanced version of Code OSS, the open-source distribution of Visual Studio Code.

Data catalog mode.

Data catalog mode.

Y42 leverages the autocompletion and autocorrection of sql and yaml code, by using the knowledge derived from the materializations of the assests. This goes goes beyond what a standard IDE can normally provide since it has no access to the data itself.


Autocompletion provides contextual suggestions while writing code. Y42 displays sql and yaml code terminologies, asset names and columns.

CTE autocompletion

Autocompletion in Y42 extends to Common Table Expressions (CTEs). You have the ability to:

  • Retrieve the names of CTEs referenced within the SQL model.
  • Obtain a complete list of columns for any referenced CTE.
  • Access specific columns from a CTE.


Autocorrection automatically searches for errors in your sql and yaml code and highlights them in red. This includes identifying syntax mistakes as well as incorrect references to assets that either don't exist or havn't been built yet.

Use Code Editor mode

Use Code Editor mode

Asset menu

When editing an asset query, click on any referenced asset within the query definition to display a menu. This menu allows you to navigate to various elements related to the referenced asset, such as its metadata, query, columns, as well as options to preview its data or redirect to the asset itself.

Asset menu modal when clicking on a model or source referenced.

Asset menu modal when clicking on a model or source referenced.

  • Metadata: View tags, designated experts, tier, and the current status of the asset.
  • Query (only available for models): Examine the query that defines the model for the asset.
  • Columns: See the columns that make up the model for the asset.
  • Preview data: Open a new tab to preview the data associated with the asset.
  • Redirect to asset: Navigate directly to the referenced asset for further exploration.


Can I install plugins or extensions for the Code editor?

Currently, three extensions are installed by default. However, it is not possible to install any additional extensions in the integrated Code OSS.