Google Analytics

Google Analytics


Integrate with Google Analytics 4 using CData connector. We utilise official CData Python (opens in a new tab) connector to ingest your data.


Feature NameSupported
Full ImportYes
Incremental ImportNo

Supported streams

We support data extraction from views (opens in a new tab) listed in the official CData documentation.

Getting started

Requirements and prerequisites

  1. The Property ID (opens in a new tab) you are willing to sync.
  2. Credentials: OAuth 2.0 credentials that have access to Google Analytics 4.
  3. Enable the APIs:

Set up guide

Create a source

Create a new source and enter a Name for it and select "Google Analytics (CData)" from a connector type list, then click Create

Configure a secret

Create a new secret (or reuse an existing one). Select the only available option to authenticate - OAuth.

Configure Property ID

Property ID (opens in a new tab) to be used when querying reports views in V4 schema.

Schema configuration

Configure the schema by selecting desired columns and tables.