Required integrations
Data warehouse

Data warehouse integration

Y42 operates on an Extract, Load, Transform (ELT) model, emphasizing the transformation of data within the data warehouse itself to optimize it for analytics. This approach allows for:

  • Scalability: Y42 leverages the computing power of the data warehouse to perform transformations, allowing for scalability and handling of large datasets efficiently.
  • Flexibility: With ELT, raw data is stored in the data warehouse before it is transformed, making it easier to reprocess or transform data as business needs change.
  • Maintainability: ELT can simplify the data pipeline architecture by reducing the need for separate transformation servers or middleware.

Supported data warehouse providers

Each Y42 space must be connected to a Snowflake or BigQuery data warehouse. Note that the data warehouse must be used together with a compatible cloud storage service.

Y42 supports Snowflake and BigQuery data warehouses

Y42 supports Snowflake and BigQuery data warehouses

Y42 supports the following configurations:

Data warehouse providerCloud storage serviceReference
Google BigQueryGoogle Cloud StorageGuide
SnowflakeAmazon Web Services S3Guide
SnowflakeMicrosoft Azure Blob StorageGuide