Identity and access management (IAM)


Set-up your OAuth2 integration by providing the necessary input. Always refer to the respective OAuth2 provider's set-up manual.

Copy necessary OAuth2 fields from Y42

To set-up SSO via OAuth2, you need to copy several unique ids / url fields from Y42:

  • Redirect url
  • Logout url
  • Initial login url
Set-Up OAuth2 in Y42: Get OAuth2 fields from Y42

Set-Up OAuth2 in Y42: Get OAuth2 fields from Y42

Paste these values in the respective set-up fields in your OAuth2 provider.

Paste necessary OAuth2 field into Y42

In your OAuth2 provider's set-up and configuration page, you will find the Metadata url field that you need to copy.

Paste the value into the Metadata url field in the Y42 OAuth2 set-up screen.

Complete Set-Up in Y42

Finally, provide a suitable Display name for this SSO method and click Enable SSO for this Org.

Manual set-up method

Depending on your OAuth2 provider you might want or need to provide certain fields manually:

  • Access token url
  • Client id
  • User url
  • Client secret
  • Scope seperator
  • Authorization url
  • Scopes (separated by space " ")
Set-Up OAuth2 in Y42: Manual Set-up

Set-Up OAuth2 in Y42: Manual Set-up

Refer to this alternative set-up method if the above OAuth2 set-up method doesn't succeed.