1. Set up an account

Set up an account

When getting started on Y42, there are three things we need to configure: an account, an organization, and a workspace. This section will explore their scopes and how to configure your account and organization.

Account, organization, and space

We'll be setting up the following entities:

  • Account: Every user on the platform has an account. When you navigate to the login portal (opens in a new tab), you use your account to sign in (either with email, SSO, Google, or Microsoft).
  • Organization: An account is linked to one or more organizations. Typically, an organization is a company-wide entity.
  • Space: Within the organization, we can have one or more spaces. How you use spaces is quite flexible. You could have a space per team, per project, or whatever works well for collaborating with your team mates.

Create an account

If you don't have an account yet, get in touch with us (opens in a new tab) and we'll set you up.

Create an organization

Navigate to https://y42.dev (opens in a new tab) and log in with your user account. If you are already part of an organization, you'll see a prompt to select the organization to which you'd like to continue. You might also see a list of orgaizations you can join, and there'll be an option to create a new organization.

Click + Create new Org to create a new organization. You can now enter an organization name and URL.

Create an organization.

Create an organization.

Organization name

Choose a name for the organization; this is usually your company's name. You can change the name later if you want to.

Organization URL

Your organization will receive a stable organization URL to access the Y42 platform. It consists of a base URL, followed by a string of your choice. If you enter acme, for example, your organization's URL will become app.prod.y42.dev/org/acme.

Up next

We now have your account and organization, so it's time to create a space. In the next section, we'll set up a new space and connect it to our data warehouse.