YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics


Integrate with YouTube Analytics using CData connector. We utilise the official CData Python (opens in a new tab) connector to ingest your data.


Feature NameSupported
Full ImportYes
Incremental ImportNo

Supported streams

We support data extraction from views (opens in a new tab) and tables (opens in a new tab) listed in the official CData documentation.

Getting started

Requirements and prerequisites

Access to your Google account with permission to connect to desired YouTube channels.

Set up guide

Create a source

Create a new Source of type CData - YouTube Analytics.

Configure a secret

Add a new secret (or use an existing one). Select the only available authentication option - OAuth and click "Authorise with YouTube Analytics"

Define optional properties

You can specify the IDs of a channel or a content owner to more granularly select which data should be ingested. If you leave both properties empty, data for the authenticated user's YouTube channel will be returned.

  • (Optional) ChannelId - The Id of a channel belonging to the authenticated user. You can find this on the advanced account settings page for your channel. If not specified, this returns data for the authenticated user's YouTube channel.
  • (Optional) ContentOwnerId - The Id of the copyright holder for content in YouTube's rights management system. The content owner is the person or organization that claims videos and sets their monetization policy.

Define settings

YouTube Analytics does not have any specific settings to configure, this step can be skipped.