Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads


Integrate with Facebook Ads using CData connector. We utilise official CData Python (opens in a new tab) connector to ingest your data.


Feature NameSupported
Full ImportYes
Incremental ImportNo

Supported streams

We support data extraction from all views (opens in a new tab) listed in the official CData documentation. Please also note the Limitations section below.

Getting started

Requirements and prerequisites

Facebook account.

Set up guide

Create a source

Create a new source and enter a Name for it and select "Facebook Ads (CData)" from a connector type list, then click Create

Configure a secret

Create a new secret (or reuse an existing one). Authorise Y42 to extract your Facebook Ads data on your behalf.

(Optional) Configure Account ID

The Id of an Account to retrieve data from.

(Optional) Settings

Replication start date: Configure a replication start date to set a start date for records in tables. Note that the Replication start date property applies only to tables mentioned below:

  • AdInsights
  • Campaigns
  • AdInsightsActions

Schema configuration

Configure the schema by selecting desired columns and tables.


  • For the following tables only certain breakdown columns may be selected together. Selecting all available columns for these tables will result in an error. Please refer to the respective CData documentation (opens in a new tab) for more details on each view and the respective breakdown columns. You can also refer to the Facebook documentation (opens in a new tab) for the most up-to-date list of available breakdown columns.

    • Action_Conversion_Device_Report
    • AdInsights
    • AdInsightsActions
    • Delivery_Device_Report
    • Delivery_Platform_And_Device_Report
    • Demographic_DMA_Region_Report
  • For the following tables DatePreset should be specified as a filter. Allowed values include: maximum, today, yesterday, this_week_sun_today, this_week_mon_today, last_week_sun_sat, last_week_mon_sun, last_3d, last_7d, last_14d, last_28d, last_30d, last_90d, this_month, and last_month.

    • Basic_Ad_Report
    • Basic_All_Levels_Report

Refer to our Y42-managed CData documentation for more details on how to configure custom filters and custom queries.