This page contains the setup guide and reference information for the Jira source connector.


Full Refresh SyncYes
Incremental SyncYes

Supported streams

This connector outputs the following full refresh streams:

This connector outputs the following incremental streams:

Experimental tables

The following tables depend on undocumented internal Jira API endpoints and are therefore subject to stop working if those endpoints undergo major changes.

While they will not cause a sync to fail, they may not be able to pull any data.

Use the "Enable Experimental Streams" option when setting up the source to allow or disallow these tables to be selected when configuring a secret.

Getting started


  • API Token
  • Domain
  • Email

Setting up the Jira source

  1. Create Jira API token
  2. Set up Jira as a Source
  3. Create a new Source of type Jira (Airbyte)
  4. Add a new Secret (or use an existing one).
    • Enter the API Token that you have created. API Token is used for Authorization to your account by BasicAuth.
    • Enter the Domain for your Jira account, e.g. y42.atlassian.net.
    • Enter the Email for your Jira account which you used to generate the API token. This field is used for Authorization to your account by BasicAuth.
    • Enter the Start Date (Optional) from which you'd like to replicate data for Jira in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ. All data generated after this date will be replicated, or leave it empty if you want to replicate all data. Note that it will be used only in the following streams:BoardIssues, IssueComments, IssueProperties, IssueRemoteLinks, IssueVotes, IssueWatchers, IssueWorklogs, Issues, PullRequests, SprintIssues. For other streams it will replicate all data.
    • Toggle Expand Issue Changelog allows you to get a list of recent updates to every issue in the Issues stream.
    • Toggle Render Issue Fields allows returning field values rendered in HTML format in the Issues stream.
    • Toggle Enable Experimental Streams enables experimental PullRequests stream.

Performance considerations

The Jira connector should not run into Jira API limitations under normal usage.