Integrate with Zendesk using CData connector. We utilise the official CData Python (opens in a new tab) connector to ingest your data.


Feature NameSupported
Full ImportYes
Incremental ImportYes

Supported streams

We support data extraction from views (opens in a new tab) and tables (opens in a new tab) listed in the official CData documentation, except those mentioned in the Limitations section below.

Getting started

Requirements and prerequisites

Access to your Zendesk account.

Set up guide

Create a source

Create a new Source of type CData - Zendesk.

Configure a secret

Add a new secret (or use an existing one). Enter the URL of your Zendesk environment in the format: https://<prefix>.zendesk.com. Select OAuth or Basic auth and enter your credentials or proceed to authenticate using OAuth.


We currently do not support the following Zendesk endpoints:

  • ArticleComments
  • AttributeValues
  • Calls (incremental)
  • ContentSubscriptions
  • CustomObjectField
  • JiraLinks
  • PostComments
  • SatisfactionReasons
  • SideConversationEvents
  • SideConversationEventsMessage
  • SideConversationEventsMessageTo
  • SideConversationParticipants
  • SideConversations
  • TicketEvents (incremental)
  • Translations
  • UserSubscriptions
  • Votes