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Anomaly detection tests (Public Beta)

Anomaly detection tests (Public Beta)

Anomaly detection tests (Public Beta)

You can now perform anomaly detection tests directly within your dbt assets through Y42's integration with Elementary, an open-source anomaly detection package designed to improve data quality. This integration enables the discovery of data issues, such as data freshness, volume, or column-level anomalies.

Setting up anomaly detection tests is similar to configuring dbt built-in tests, package tests (like dbt-expectations), or custom tests.

Supported anomaly tests: Column-level anomalies

ℹ️ Please note that the Anomaly detection tests feature is currently in Beta and available for use. As we continue to refine and improve this feature, we encourage users to provide feedback on their experience. Keep in mind that during the beta phase, you may encounter unexpected behavior or changes.

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