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Data is priceless. Make the best of yours.

Start building for your data warehouse at zero cost. Unlock advanced features as you need.



to start

Everything you need to orchestrate your data flows end-to-end. $1 per credit.

1 space with SSO
Managed dbt Core™
Web IDE (VS Code) & low-code UI
Git (UI & terminal), environments, CI/CD
Dynamic lineage, docs, and health status
Data contracts and tests
Orchestration and job scheduling for assets
Unlimited builder seats (free)
Managed ingestion
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per month

Advanced observability features. 1,250 credits/month included. $1 per extra credit.

All features in Starter
3 spaces with SSO
Column-level lineage
Data catalog editable via code & UI
Asset health monitor
Builder seats
Managed ingestion with volume discounts
Managed Python for custom ingestion
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Adapt Y42's offering to the unique needs of your business.

All features in Scaling
Unlimited spaces with SSO
Fine-grained role-based access control
Service level agreements (SLAs)
Professional services
Audit logging
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