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Talk to our Sales Team today and discuss a custom plan for your company. We consider your data journey in order to put together a perfect offer for your business.

Data is priceless. Make the best of yours.

All the features

We do not paywall access to our DataOps Cloud. You get the full set of features, no matter the custom plan.


Unlimited connectors

Unlimited number of connectors available in all custom plans. No extra charge.


Price that works for you

Start small and work your way up. We’ll figure out the best plan for you and adjust it if necessary.


Awards & Mentions

Y42 is the first fully managed Modern DataOps Cloud



Mission control ready for questions

Yes. Our Customer Success Team enables your in-house data team with best practices, training, and ongoing support. Contact our Customer Success Team anytime via email, chat, or video call if you have questions.

Yes. Once onboarding is complete, we will stay in contact with you to provide guidance as often as needed. If you feel that a different custom plan would better suit your company, our Customer Success Team would be happy to help with changes.

Yes. If you would like to set up a special partnership as an agency, aggregator, consultancy, or technology partner, please get in touch and our Sales Team will build a special plan for you.