Business Intelligence for SaaS Companies. Without Coding.

For B2B SaaS companies, which typically have much less available data compared to e-commerce businesses, it's even more critical to take a deep dive into their KPIs. y42 shows you how.

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Your one and only BI Tool

y42 is a no-code business intelligence tool
capable of automating all of your data and reporting processes,
no matter which tools and data sources you use.

Best Practice B2B SaaS Reporting out of the Box

Allocate engineering resources on your product instead of on data engineering. Connect >100 data sources and automate crucial reports instantly.

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No more Data Confusion

Always know where data is coming from and how each number was calculated. Create a single source of truth for your key metrics like MRR, churn, upsell revenue and more.

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Scale with your Sales

From 100K to 100M in revenue, y42 serves companies of all sizes. A fully customizable setup that grows with your needs and challenges, so you don't need to worry about migrating every year. Big Query runs under the hood, so your CTO will like it, too.

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