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The fastest-growing ecommerce companies know how to manage their data with Y42. You control your numbers, we make it effortless.

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Improve your ecommerce business across the value chain

Increase return on ad spends
Drive down your customer acquisition cost

Online marketing analytics

  • Create transparency over your marketing spend across channels by combining all the data on one platform

  • Accurately determine the return on ad spend to better allocate your marketing budget

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Increase your customer lifetime value

Cohort analysis

  • Focus on order retention as one of the most critical metrics in ecommerce

  • Build out your cohorts to figure out which customers order most often

  • Leverage insights from your holistic cohort analysis to improve your customer journey

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influencer analytics dashboard
Optimize your influencer campaigns

Influencer marketing

  • Identify top affiliates through an accurate attribution of your client’s revenues

  • Double down on your best-performing influencer marketing campaigns

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Ecommerce leaders worldwide work with Y42 for good reasons

Instant insights

Start using Y42 right out of the box: less time learning to use the Modern DataOps Cloud, more time learning from your data.


Connect all data sources

Simply import your existing data, connect to the cloud warehouse, and start analyzing within minutes.


Customized to your needs

Y42 adjusts to your organization’s needs and overcomes the limitations of your other tools and systems.


Consulting & support

Our Customer Success Team enables you with data consulting, best practices, training, and fast support.

Zephyr Chan
Zephyr Chan
Head of Growth


“Y42 has been a game changer for us; it makes it easy for us to make real-time decisions as a D2C ecommerce brand.”

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150+ integrations

Learn how our customers use our integrations to implement their data use cases.





Amazon Advertising


Amazon Aurora MySQL


Amazon Redshift


Amazon S3


And many more

To production-ready data pipelines and beyond

There is only one way to find out how Y42 can improve the way your organization works with data.