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“I went from throwing big parties in my early 20s to building one of Europe's fastest-growing software companies.”

- Hung Dang, solo-founder of Y42

Founded in 2020, Y42 is a fast-growing company of 80+ experts on a mission to reshape the data space.

The prequel

Back in 2014, Hung Dang started one of Europe‘s most popular party ventures, hosting over 100,000 guests across 10 countries: “Party like Gatsby”. To find out what party guests valued most, Hung developed his own customer analytics tool.

Almost two years later, Europe‘s leading ticketing and live entertainment platform acquired that tool and arranged a global rollout for its software. Hung then advised their C-level and VP-suite. However, he was far from being done.

The story

Dreaming of the “perfect data solution”, Hung decided to invest most of his exit money into a new venture back in 2020.

Pursuing efficiency as his north star, Y42 was born. Named after a futuristic science fiction classic, The Hitchhiker‘s Guide to the Galaxy, Y42 enables organizations to find the right answers to their data questions by saving them countless data engineering hours and enabling them to build production-ready data pipelines with a quick turnaround time.

With Y42's Modern DataOps Cloud, companies enjoy the power of a unified mission control for their data pipelines. And so, they get to hitchhike through the data space towards eternal efficiency and scalability.

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