Learn how to stop bad data from going live with CI/CD.

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The Data Must Flow. Reliably.

Y42's Turnkey Data Orchestration Platform gives you a unified space to build, monitor and maintain a robust flow of data to power your business

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Trusted by data teams across the planet

Your data flows are fragmented across a galaxy of tools

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You’re bogged down by maintenance work that has little business impact.


When one part fails, you have no idea how it affects other processes.


Your version control workflow involves re-building the same tables over and over again.


You have no clue which steps are actually driving up your cloud data warehouse costs.

The only Turnkey Data Orchestration Platform

Dive into data, not infrastructure.


All you need is a data warehouse to start using Y42. From setup to scaling, we’ve got infrastructure covered.

One platform. Zero hassle.

Eliminate third-party adapters. Develop with native compatibility across all pipeline stages for hassle-free maintenance.

Built-in monitoring capabilities

Get end-to-end visibility of your data pipelines. With Y42, you’re always a step ahead of errors.

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Build data pipelines.

Build data pipelines

Ingest, transform, test and automate on a unified architecture

Y42's asset-based orchestrator provides a standard configuration schema across all steps in your data pipelines. Whether it's ELT or data testing, all your pipeline components work together seamlessly.

Native compatibility

Assets that work right out of the box.

Monitor data pipelines.

Monitor data pipelines

When data changes... we show you everything it might impact

Y42's data dependency linkages show you exactly what failed, and what else it's connected to in the transformation process — so you can quickly troubleshoot data issues before they impact your business.

Collaborate using git.

Manage changes with git

No need to duplicate tables — just create and merge branches

Y42 versions both the code and data, so you can reuse tables created in other branches... and your entire team never has to run the same computations twice.

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