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Mission Control for Your Data Pipelines

Snowflake (AWS, GCP, Azure)

Y42 is the first fully managed Modern DataOps Cloud — purpose-built for production-ready data pipelines on BigQuery and Snowflake.

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Empower everyone
to make data-driven decisions


Y42 for data engineers

Benefit from software engineering best practices

Develop, test, document, and deploy your entire data infrastructure as code. Version control powered by Git.

SQL, Python, Low Code Modeling languages

Y42 for data analysts & scientists

Modeling language of your choice

Model your data efficiently to find the metrics you care about using SQL, Python, or low-code — it’s your choice.

Trust your data

Y42 for decision-makers

Set important metrics and fully rely on your data

Access all your KPIs in one place, and keep every data point fully governed, tested, and easily traceable to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Make git accessible to everyone

Y42 for data teams

Make Git accessible for everyone

Now any team member can test models, deploy changes safely, and track them.

Creating value for
every business

“Y42 has been a game changer for us; it makes it easy for us to make real-time decisions as a D2C ecommerce brand.”

Zephyr Chan
Zephyr Chan
Head of Growth


Increase in their ROAS

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