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Snowflake UPDATE: How to Update Rows in a Table

The UPDATE command in Snowflake is like giving your data a fresh coat of paint. It allows you to change existing values in your database table based on specific criteria. This can be especially useful when you need to correct or modify data after it’s been entered.

What it does

The UPDATE function changes the data in one or more columns of a table. You can specify exactly which rows should be updated using conditions (WHERE clause), and you can even pull in information from other tables to determine what the new values should be (FROM clause).


Here’s how to structure an UPDATE statement that can optionally incorporate additional tables:

UPDATE <target_table>
SET <column_name> = <new_value> [, <other_column> = <other_value> ...]
[FROM <additional_table(s)>]
[WHERE <condition>];


  • <target_table>: The table you’re updating.
  • <column_name>: The column(s) in the target table you want to update.
  • <new_value>: The new value for the column(s).
  • <additional_table(s)>: (Optional) Additional table(s) from which to pull data for complex updates.
  • <condition>: (Optional) Conditions that specify which rows in the target table should be updated.


Updating table using data from another table

Let’s say we have two tables: character_info that stores character details, and new_locations that contains updated location information for some characters.


Table: character_info

1Arthur DentEarth
2Ford PrefectBetelgeuse Five

Table: new_locations

1Heart of Gold
2The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Snowflake SQL Query

UPDATE character_info
SET location = new_locations.new_location
FROM new_locations
WHERE character_info.character_id = new_locations.character_id;


Table: character_info

1Arthur DentHeart of Gold
2Ford PrefectThe Restaurant at the End of the Universe


  • FROM Clause: This example uses the FROM clause to join the character_info table with the new_locations table.
  • SET Clause: The location of each character in character_info is updated to their new location from the new_locations table based on matching character_id.
  • WHERE Clause: Ensures that the update happens only where there is a corresponding match in the new_locations table.
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