From Zero to Data in no Time

Our solution engineers are super hands-on and have set up BI in many companies. Here is how they get you started with y42 at no additional cost.

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Kickoff Call
02Data Integration & Modeling
03Use Case Finalization
04Handover Call
05You are not alone

Kickoff Call

After signing your contract, a y42 solution engineer will contact the project owner on your end in order to create your account and learn about your goals and use cases.

Note: your project owner should be an analytical employee who can focus on the project at least 50% of their time. We want to empower you to run and improve your BI setup autonomously. Therefore, we strive to guide and teach you, rather than make you dependent and create a black-box.

Data Integration & Modeling

You start by connecting all relevant data sources to your y42 account. Most integrations are pre-built and work at the click of a button. Remember that all data ends up in your data warehouse without creating further silos.

Once all data sources are connected, we support you with building your first data models. Your data will be cleaned, transformed and merged according to your goals and use cases. At the same time, our team is always ready to support you with training, modeling as well as best practices to improve performance & maintainability.

Use Case Finalization

You complete your top 1-2 data use cases under the guidance of our success team. This often includes a set of dashboards, automations or exports. At this point, you have seen it all and can improve or change your BI setup autonomously.

Not happy at this point? Let us know andget 100% of your money back.

Handover Call

We address remaining questions and make sure you are all set and able to run y42 yourself. Then we hand over the keys. Our regular annual contract starts now. 💍.

You are not alone

We are in it for the long haul! Contact our customer success team anytime via email, chat or video call with questions. All included in your y42 license.