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Y42 launches the first Modern DataOps Cloud


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02 November, 2022

Berlin, Germany, Wednesday 2nd November 2022

Today, Y42, the developer of the first Modern DataOps Cloud, announces a global relaunch of their entire product, as well as the hiring of a President and SVP of Marketing to guide the company toward reimagining how businesses manage their data. Running on top of Snowflake and BigQuery, Y42 is the only solution that effectively leverages software engineering and product management best practices simultaneously adapted for the data world allowing data teams to be productive quickly.

Y42 launched in 2020, offering a no-code approach to building and managing data pipelines. The next evolution of the product has been designed to address the core problems businesses face around data, including accessibility, lack of governance, and collaboration challenges — all of which jeopardize critical decision-making and efficiency. With the introduction of the first Modern DataOps Cloud, Y42 helps businesses overcome these exact issues today, while also providing them with a future-proof onramp toward scalable data management as their business and data needs grow. A series of advanced technical capabilities, such as version control on data tables, data contracts, and collaboration features, to name a few, are now integral to every step of the pipeline.

CEO and Founder, Hung Dang, comments: “The use case for data has moved beyond ad-hoc reporting to become the very lifeblood of a company. However, data pipelines built ad-hoc are inherently brittle and inevitably break over time, leading to an overflow of fire-fighting requests and, ultimately, mistrust in business data. For organizations that rely on data to make mission-critical decisions, this can be fatal. Our vision is for every organization — whether it has one single data engineer, data analyst, or a whole data team — to be able to create and run production-ready data pipelines efficiently and consume data in any downstream application to make better business decisions. The Y42 Modern DataOps Cloud makes this vision a reality — today.”

Product overview and new features

Key features of Y42, which runs on top of the Snowflake and BigQuery cloud data warehouses, include:

  • Increased accessibility to data through a fully managed and accessible data stack. Y42 natively integrates best-of-breed open-source data tools (such as Airbyte for integration and dbt Core for transformations) and removes the operational burden of setup and maintenance. Users can access the data stack via the Y42 webapp, a command line interface, or APIs.

  • Better governance and control within organizations, because organizations can finally benefit from full observability and monitoring across every data operation and leverage a comprehensive data governance suite, including a data catalog, asset ownership, data contracts, and multi-level access control.

  • Facilitating better collaboration between teams with best practices from collaboration tooling and software engineering, such as consistent version control across the entire data operations enabled by Git.

Announcement of strategic new hires to drive Y42’s growth

Y42 is also announcing that Jules Cantwell will join the company as its new President, leading the go-to-market (GTM) function alongside Max Herrmann, who will join as the new Senior Vice President of Marketing.

Cantwell has spent more than 20 years in the technology space, gaining extensive experience at category-leading companies such as Accenture, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Qualtrics. As former Chief Operating Officer of Qualtrics EMEA, Cantwell brings a particular edge for defining growth and improvement strategies, which will expand Y42’s market presence even further.

“The tech industry is at a tipping point where the breadth and volume of data that companies are gathering is rapidly outpacing their ability to manage it effectively. The need for a Modern DataOps Cloud to manage data pipelines in a scalable manner has become mission-critical”, said Cantwell. “Y42 has the product vision, customer proof points, and passionate team to truly transform the data management space.”

Herrmann has over 20 years of experience working for Silicon Valley companies and over 10 years working in data infrastructure. As the former Chief Marketing Officer of Cask, the provider of a data integration platform acquired by Google, Herrmann gained extensive product marketing, go-to-market strategy, demand generation, and corporate marketing expertise which will enhance Y42’s marketing team.

Y42 is backed by investors including Atomico, La Famiglia, Insight Partners, and Data Community Fund, as well as business angels such as Ignaz Forstmeier, Jonas Rieke, Oliver Manojlovic (Personio), Tobias Schüle, and Philipp Schrempp (Foodspring). The company raised $31 million in Series A funding in October 2021 and customers include PetLab, the University of Cambridge, and Entrepreneur First.