All-in-one Data Tool for E-Commerce. No Coding.

Growing digital commerce brands face a dire choice: Manage data in buggy spreadsheets or invest in a complex data stack for $100K+ that only engineers can handle. Let's solve this.

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Your One and Only BI Tool

y42 is a scalable no-code business
intelligence tool, tailored to the needs of
growing e-commerce and DTC brands.

Best Practice Reporting out of the Box

Measure what matters without re-inventing the wheel. Connect >100 data sources and automate crucial reports instantly.

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No more Data Confusion

Always know where data is coming from and how each KPI is defined. Never ask yourself again whether your shop is down or just your reporting. Create one source every employee can use for analysis.

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Scale with your Sales

y42 is a fully customizable data platform serving e-commerce brands from 100K to 100M in revenue. Get a setup that grows with your needs instead of migrating every year. BigQuery or Snowflake run under the hood, so your CTO will like it, too.

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