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Must-have data knowledge for B2B SaaS

Finally bring your B2B SaaS data under control with insights from Y42. Combine your customer, app, and marketing data to gain full visibility into your business.

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Move beyond ad-hoc analyses and become truly data-driven

Win more deals

Sales funnel analysis

  • Understand your customer’s journey by analyzing the conversion rates

  • Track your sales team’s KPIs to drive performance

  • Get an overview of audiences in the conversion funnel to determine their impact on conversion rates

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Product-led sales
Optimize your support

Customer success analytics

  • Improve your customer service quality and efficiency with Y42. Analyze your ticket pipeline to get notified on your SLAs.

  • Reduce overall handle times and boost your team’s productivity

  • Monitor customer experience through customer satisfaction surveys such as NPS

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Find your most important customers

Cohort analysis

  • Net revenue retention is the most critical metric for B2B SaaS

  • Analyze your cohorts to figure out which customers drive your expansion

  • Identify trends and patterns to understand the implications of customer behavior

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Anna Szymborska-Mell
Product Analyst at UXCam

Experience analytics solution for mobile apps

“We finally have one source of data in one place where we agree on the numbers, which also helps us to democratize the data across the company.”

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B2B leaders worldwide work with Y42 for good reasons

Instant insights

Start using Y42 right out of the box: less time learning to use the Modern DataOps Cloud, more time learning from your data.


Connect all data sources

Simply import your existing data, connect to the cloud warehouse, and start analyzing within minutes.


Customized to your needs

Y42 adjusts to your organization’s needs and overcomes the limitations of your other tools and systems.


Consulting & support

Our Customer Success Team enables you with data consulting, best practices, training, and fast support.


150+ integrations

Learn how our customers use our integrations to implement their data use cases.

[Legacy] Amazon Aurora MySQL


[Legacy] CSV

Upload your data directly with CSV files


[Legacy] Excel

Upload your data directly with Excel files


[Legacy] Google BigQuery

Get data from your Google BigQuery


[Legacy] MySQL

Connect to your own database


[Legacy] MySQL on Google Cloud SQL


And many more

To production-ready data pipelines and beyond

There is only one way to find out how Y42 can improve the way your organization works with data.