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Hai Nguyen Mau
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25 Feb, 2021 · 3 min read

LifeMD prepares its analytics for hypergrowth

How LifeMD implemented new data pipelines in a matter of hours instead of weeks with Y42.



Wellness and Fitness Services


New York, USA

  • Data Ownership, Y42 uses the data warehouse at all times instead of swallowing the data into a third-party system

  • Self-Service, It enables advanced users to build and maintain data pipelines

  • Strong support with best practices implementation, but the keys are ultimately with customer.

The company

LifeMD is a NASDAQ-listed leading telemedicine company with the mission of disrupting the healthcare space through technology. The company applies its expertise in marketing and customer experience to the antiquated space of health care. They provide a cost-effective and smarter way for telemedicine and wellness products.

Business challenge

When LifeMD transitioned their offering to a direct-to-consumer business in 2016, they focused their limited resources on building great products and delivering an excellent customer experience. As a tech-savvy disrupter in the telehealth space, they were looking for a way to invest in their analytics and position the company for hypergrowth. They needed a platform that would support their complex business, scale with the company, and empower them to retain a leading position in the industry.

The existing data across the organization was siloed away in departments or apps and they needed an enterprise-level data warehouse and dashboarding tool to limit manual processes and automate reporting. They saw the importance of having a data warehouse that integrates different siloes and creates a solid data foundation across the company to empower their employees to make informed decisions quickly

Why they chose Y42

The key reasons why LifeMD chose Y42 over competitors were:

  • Data Ownership, Y42 uses the data warehouse at all times instead of swallowing the data into a third-party system

  • Self-Service - Y42 enables non-technical users to not just build dashboards but even create new data pipelines

  • White-glove support - During the onboarding phase, Y42 helps set up data best practices with templates and consulting, but the keys are ultimately with the customer.

Next to fulfilling those technical requirements, Y42 was also chosen for the superior user experience. As the only system on the market that allows a business user to maintain a scalable stack on top of a cloud data warehouse without having to code.


In just a few weeks, LifeMD has utilized Y42's scalable data platform to move and manage all their data within Google BigQuery. LifeMD was able to use Y42's vast library of pre-built connectors and templates to rapidly bootstrap their data integration efforts.

First, LifeMD connected their diverse marketing and sales data sources into one unified model, making it possible to have analytics across the customer journey. Next, by connecting sales and marketing analytics with financial reporting, critical data use cases such as strict reporting requirements from being a NASDAQ-listed company are also supported in Y42 within the PoC.

Jacob Ellison
Jacob Ellison
Director of Analytics at LifeMD

“Y42 is the tool that really makes me excited about work. And because it is built around my data warehouse, I have full data access and transparency.”


After frustrating experiences with other tools, working with Y42 turned out to be different. “Y42 makes big promises that they actually delivered on. It quickly has become an invaluable tool for managing and modeling all our data,” says Jacob, Director of Analytics. Resources that would have been spent on engineering can now be routed to analysts and directly enhances decision-making.

The implemented data platform now enables users to implement new data pipelines in a matter of hours, not weeks. With this scalable foundation, LifeMD will roll out Y42 to the rest of the company and onboard more business users as the company continues its path of hypergrowth.

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About Y42

Y42 is an Integrated Data Development Environment (IDDE) purpose-built for analytics engineers. It helps companies easily design production-ready data pipelines (integrate, model, orchestrate) on top of their Google BigQuery or Snowflake cloud data warehouse. Next to interactive, end-to-end lineage and embedded, dynamic documentation, DataOps best practices such as Virtual Data Builds are baked in to ensure true pipeline scalability.

It's the perfect choice for experienced data professionals that want to reduce their tooling overhead, collaborate with junior data staff, or (re)think their data stack from scratch.

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