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Monika Vo
Monika Vo
Growth Marketing Lead at Y42
26 Apr, 2021 · 3 min read

Everdrop: Making the world more sustainable through data

How everdrop built a data-driven culture by building a scalable data stack from the start, with Y42.


Household Products & Natural Cosmetics


Munich, Germany

  • Automated highly requested investor reports.

  • Scalable data stack and data use cases running in less than 3 months.

  • Kick-started data-driven mindset across the company through easy data access.

The company

everdrop is a direct-to-consumer brand that sells eco-friendly & zero-package cleaning products. The product helps consumers across Europe to save on single-use plastic and reduce the amount of unnecessary detergent. To further its growth, the company has secured over $22 million in funding.

Business challenge

Having a data-savvy core team, everdrop invested in a business intelligence set up early on to navigate their growth better. everdrop wanted to use data to inform the company strategy and drive operational decisions across departments.

When looking into possible data stacks, they were faced with having to stitch together multiple data tools. Besides, there was only one data analyst, Charlotte, available to build up the initial stack. Y42 provided the company with a solution that empowered the data analyst with the full power of a cloud data warehouse without hiring additional engineers for the setup and maintenance of the data stack.


Within the first week, the first productive use case was live - a dashboard that keeps track of influencers' performance, allowing both everdrop and external partners to look at the same KPIs. In less than three months, numerous data use cases were implemented with Y42, spanning almost all departments.

One example of such use cases was the daily management reporting that supported the leadership with a pulse check on the company to get an intuitive sense of revenue, customer, ads analytics, and cohort analysis. With this automated report, the groundwork was also laid out for the subsequent investor reporting that previously consumed a lot of time. In the future, the company plans to implement end-to-end marketing attribution.

Why they chose Y42

Given that everdrop is a hyper-growth company that operates in a highly dynamic environment, the most important criteria for selecting the right tools were: Choosing a platform that can scale with the business in terms of both number of transactions and diversity of data use cases. And choosing a tool that enables implementation speed to get data use cases up and running within hours instead of weeks. Y42 enabled everdrop to quickly build out complex use cases without the immediate need of hiring data engineers.

“Within 3 months, almost every team now makes decisions using insights from our data warehouse. Y42 easily scales with our business and use cases without requiring additional engineering power.”

Charlotte Veitner
Charlotte Veitner
Data Scientist at everdrop


Despite being only one data analyst, Charlotte built a system of multiple dashboards powered by thousands of automatically running jobs from dozens of single data sources. Now, all departments access the data warehouse regularly to make data-driven decisions. What would typically take a whole team and multiple tools is maintained by just one person.

The availability of analysis-ready data and dashboards from an early stage has shaped the way the company operates. In a hyperscaling environment, everdrop has created a data-driven culture by enabling employees to plant data into their daily habits. And since this capability is built in a lean way, the company can focus on its mission: Making the world a more sustainable place.

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