Why Datos Intelligence became y42

The true story behind our name change

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Why we changed our name
02How we came up with y42
03About the company

Why we changed our name

Like many startups, we realized at one point that our initial name ("Datos Intelligence") was picked hastily in the heat of early-stage enthusiasm and has several shortcomings. First and foremost, we neither owned the trademark "Datos" nor the short domain Datos.com, which is a no-go in its own right. In addition, Datos means "data" in Spanish. Not a bad reference for a data analytics company of course, but there are millions of unrelated business websites and blogs on the web already. Enough reason to start a renaming project, which can be challenging in a world where most decent .com domains are taken. To make things harder, we expected our new name to meet the following requirements, too:

  • Relatively easy to pronounce when read and easy to write when heard (Podcast advertising is real 😉 )

  • No nasty stuff or insult in any market we consider remotely relevant

  • Domains should not cost more than €10,000 in total (after all, we were funded to improve the product and grow…)

  • No dominant Google Search misnomers and ambiguities (like Datos 🇪🇸 )

How we came up with y42

After a fun and messy brainstorming session on Slack involving most of the company and around 250 screenshots from namecheap.com, our founder Hung suggested the name y42, and most people instantly fell in love.
Besides the obvious connection to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (after all, we are 80% developers), the name makes reference to our data analytics product: it literally asks the question "Why 42?", reflecting that employees in digital companies often spend hours looking at reports puzzled about the data. Without a proper business intelligence tool, growth leads to data chaos, up to a point where it is unclear whether suspicious data reflects a business problem or just a reporting error. y42 solves this problem by visualizing how data flows from each source to the final reports and how each metric is calculated.

The ultimate question of life has already been answered, but y42 can still answer pretty much any other data question for digital companies, no matter if they make 100K or 100M in revenues.

About the company

y42 (formerly Datos Intelligence) is a no-code business intelligence platform for loading, cleaning, connecting, visualizing and sharing data. The all-in-one tool runs on top of the data warehouse and empowers users to integrate hundreds of data sources and build a scalable data infrastructure without coding.