Types of Attribution Models

Giang Nguyen

Solutions Engineer

July 28th, 2021


5 min read

The first part of our marketing attribution series examined attribution models; touching on the relevance, requirements, overall approach, and a rough overview for implementation. With this understanding, our approach now is to measure marketing campaign success. Here, the range of marketing attribution models businesses can choose from are rich and varied to encompass the breadth of marketing activities. 

With just one or two active marketing channels, advertisers still can easily attribute a conversion. But as soon as online marketing gets scaled up and more and more marketing channels are involved, the question of which channel actually contributed to the conversion is no longer straightforward. Naturally, every marketing channel involved in the customer journey will attempt to claim the conversion! How you design a model will decide the contribution a channel receives from a conversion, which significantly affects its profitability. 

Simple attribution models are single-click attributions. That means the complete conversion is attributed to just one single touchpoint. More advanced attribution models consider multiple or all touchpoints of the customer’s journey prior to the conversion. And very complex models account for more than just click touchpoints, and include impressions, usage of discount codes, and more.

The following is an overview of the most commonly used attribution models:

Single-click attribution models

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Multi-touchpoint attribution models

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Which type of attribution modeling suits you?

How you choose an attribution model depends on your business model and the maturity level of your business. The attribution model you use may change over time with the growth of your business. Each model has its reason for existence with advantages and disadvantages. 

Curious to read which model fits your business the best? Then download our comprehensive guide that shows you how to get started on marketing attribution, and learn how to choose the right one for you: