Making it easy for everyone to use their data productively.

We are an ambitious software-as-a-service company with a straightforward mission.

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Why y42?

In a business world generating ever more digital data and complexity,
it’s still remarkably effortful to collect, analyze and share data at scale.

Data engineers and complex tech are required. Neither are affordable for small and medium-sized companies. y42 is changing that for good, through no-code business intelligence.

From Jazz and House to Data Warehouse

y42's Predecessor

To afford his studies, our founder Hung Dang started one of Europe's most popular party ventures in 2014. With "Party like Gatsby", he hosted more than 100,000 guests across 10 countries in the most prestigious locations.

After graduating as the valedictorian from Imperial College London with a M.Sc. in Strategic Marketing and Business Analytics, Hung developed his own customer analytics tool in 2016 in order to analyze what party guests valued most about each event and optimize accordingly.

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The Reincarnation

Turns out he did a good job: Not even a year later, Europe’s leading ticketing and live entertainment platform acquired the company and arranged a global rollout.

Hung, who had assembled a team of data enthusiasts, was far from finished: In 2020, he put most of his exit money into the venture that would eventually become y42 (formerly: Datos).

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